Celebrating Beauty & Dignity


Supporting female survivors of domestic violence and sex trafficking through self-empowerment and celebration.

Empower women to own their worth and reset future generations with a new narrative of beauty, dignity, and celebration.



As women dedicated to creating for women, Reveal believes in cultivating empowerment and beauty for female survivors of abuse and sex trafficking globally. This core conviction prompted Anna Doan, Founder and Chairman of Reveal Beauty, a 501(c)3 non-profit committed to “celebrating beauty and dignity for women recovering from abuse and sex trafficking through self-empowerment and celebration.”

Born in 2007 from Anna’s “deep, burning desire to serve women and victims of sex trafficking and abuse” and her enduring love of all things fashion and beauty, Reveal hosts monthly workshops to equip women in professional development, self care and everything from interview skills to self-care. Its annual “Ultimate Makeover” event comprises an entire day of pampering, styling and celebration. To date, these initiatives have helped over 1,200 women break the cycle of domestic violence, rewrite their personal narratives and reclaim their lives. And Anna is just getting started. She is in the process of expanding Reveal to the West Coast, with additional cities on the horizon.