We are celebrating beauty & dignity


Our Purpose

Serving 10 million female survivors of domestic violence and sex trafficking is our goal. We love you and we hope for what seems impossible.


Makeover Events

Ultimate Makeover Events are created to honor women and celebrate dignity and beauty through a day full of styling, pampering and celebration. To sign up as a volunteer, visit our volunteer page.

The Makeover Event is about offering clothing, shoes, accessories and beauty products that will allow our guests to present themselves both professionally and socially. We look for new (or gently used) clothing/accessories:

  • Business attire: suits, blazers, skirts, pants, blouses

  • Day­time attire: dresses, jeans, sweaters, tees, and pants, coats and jackets

  • Accessories: Shoes, handbags, scarves, jewelry and belts

  • Beauty: makeup, hair, nail and skin care products

  • Catered meals, photography, videography, logistical support

  • Financial Donations are always welcomed and 100% are used towards event supplies

Please complete our Donate Beauty Products form if you have items to give!



Through monthly workshops women are taught the skills and tools necessary to re-enter society, such as professional development, career counseling, interviewing skills and self care workshops focused on fashion, beauty and health. 

We are looking to grow our Reveal Beauty workshops team with professional, fun, strategic and creative individuals, who love fashion, beauty and making a positive impact for survivors for domestic violence and sex trafficking. If you are interested in leading a Reveal Beauty workshop or know someone who would like to lead a workshop, please contact us.

All Reveal Team Members pledge to:

  • Support Reveal Beauty’s mission to renew and celebrate beauty and dignity for women recovering from abuse, domestic violence and sex trafficking.

  • Commit to the anonymity and safety of all women who Reveal Beauty serves



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