Our Values


Empowerment: Empower women to believe they are worthy and reset future generations with a new narrative of beauty, dignity and celebration 


Celebration: Celebrate the choices towards healing and transformation, overcoming barriers and moving towards freedom


Love: Relentless love, reminding survivors that they are worthy just as they are


Beauty: Full of beauty and dignity, just as they are, beautiful both inside and out


Hope: Reminder that we are all a story of hope, that all things are possible, a deep burning passion to dream big together, create impact, reimagine a new narrative for survivors of domestic violence and sex trafficking


Partnership: Partner with domestic violence and sex trafficking women’s shelters and organizations, creating experiences that compliment existing programs to spark hope and transformation in their healing process., Partner with survivors to celebrate their stories and be empower them with a new narrative for hope. Partner with our corporate sponsors in creating tangible moments for change, professional and self-care development, and longer-term co-innovate and scale our programs across multiple cities and beyond.