Shelter Partnerships Manager


We are looking for a Shelter Partnerships Manager who will be tasked with strengthening existing relationships and expanding partnerships with local organizations that provide housing and support for survivors of domestic violence and sex trafficking.

Overall Requirements:

  • Time Commitment: generally 8 - 12 hours a month

  • Monthly Meetings

  • Unpaid volunteer role

Skills Required:

  • Excellent verbal and written communication

  • Has a ‘doer’ mentality, team oriented, proactive and has a willingness to learn, ability to be proactive, plan and manage expectations

  • Has experience in coordinating, planning and carrying out programs and events

  • Quick and responsive, ability to plan out needs

  • Enjoys planning out details, networking, instilling trust with volunteers and working with teams to deliver on planned events and programs

  • Assists the Partnerships Director to align shelter partnerships needs and input with commercial brand partners and sponsors

  • Preferably has a background in program / event planning and coordination

Job Description:

  • Be part of a greater team, helping to execute against Reveal Beauty’s Partnerships Strategy focused on strengthening existing and establishing new relationships with local organizations and shelters focused on supporting survivors of domestic violence and sex trafficking

  • The position will be tasked to strengthen and coordinate with existing shelter organizations, communicate progress and insights to inform future programs and workshops

  • Likewise, the position will be introducing Reveal Beauty’s  purpose, programs and brand awareness to similar organizations focusing on supporting female survivors of domestic violence and sex trafficking

  • The goal is to ensure frequent communication and coordination in strengthening and expanding our relationships and partnerships with local partners, and collaborating to further the mission in empowering survivors through their healing process

  • Requirements: Excellent communicator, organized, responsive.  Preferably has a background in business development, account and/or customer success disciplines

  • Report to the Partnerships Director


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