Board of Directors


Anna Doan


Anna has led Reveal NYC’s mission since 2007, forging partnerships with safe houses like Restore and Safe Horizons, pioneering the launch of key programs such as Reveal NYC’s annual Valentine’s Day makeover event and monthly women’s workshops, and aggressively recruiting volunteers to support throughout the year. She is compelled by the power of a modern-day Cinderella story, where positive uplifting experiences can reinforce love and healing in a woman’s brokenness and process of regaining her life.

As the chair of Reveal NYC’s Board of Directors, Anna is responsible for supporting the leadership in ensuring the organization’s brand, values, programs and financial initiatives are aligned with the core vision and strategy. Outside of Reveal NYC, Anna holds a leadership role at a digital advertising agency. 



Alexander Hong


Alex was introduced to Reveal NYC in 2007, where he first volunteered as a hors d'oeuvres server at the annual Valentine’s Day makeover event. Understanding the critical need for men to participate in the healing and renewal of women who have suffered abuse, he continued supporting the cause by serving on the security team and later, teaching self-defense during monthly women’s workshops. Currently, Alex sits on the Board of Directors and leads the organization’s security team. 

Alex also serves as a Deacon at Trinity Grace Church Chelsea and the System Administrator at NYC Health +


Executive Committee


Chelsea Allen


Joining Reveal NYC’s Leadership Team in summer 2017, Chelsea supports the organization's PR & Marketing efforts. With nearly eight years of experience in luxury retail marketing, she is thrilled to lend her expertise to bringing Reveal NYC’s important cause and message to the forefront of charitable conversations through print, digital and social media channels. 



Linda de la Fonteijne


Linda first heard about Reveal NYC in 2017 by volunteering at the annual Valentine’s Day makeover event, where she served using her background in skincare. Shortly thereafter she joined the Reveal NYC team as the executive administrator. Linda manages the day to day operations of Reveal and supports the team in any way needed. One of her greatest passions is empowering women to see their own beauty and strength.



Debie Kim


Debie has been with Reveal NYC since 2014, first as a volunteer makeup artist at the annual Valentine’s Day makeover event and then as partnerships lead, beginning in 2015. Overseeing in-kind donations and sponsorships, she is responsible for establishing and developing relationships with fashion, cosmetics, food, and local brands to secure vital donations, which ensures success for the organization’s key programs.

Outside of Reveal NYC, Debie is a professional makeup artist. She is inspired daily by the strength and resilience of women, and the beauty of womankind building up one another. She currently lives in Manhattan with her husband.



Steven McNeilly


Steven was first introduced to Reveal NYC when he served as security for their annual Valentine's Day makeover event in 2015. He was deeply moved by the impact made in just one day. 

In his current role as treasurer, Steven is responsible for helping the organization steward its financial resources and ensure long-term sustainability. He is honored to have the opportunity to offer his professional guidance to Reveal NYC and support the healing and restorative experiences it fosters for women. 

Beyond Reveal NYC, Steve runs his own financial planning firm, helping to educate, equip, and empower people to make smart financial decisions in alignment with their core values. 



Michelle Sung


Michelle first experienced Reveal NYC as a first-time volunteer at their 2012 Makeover Event. Joining the team in 2016, Michelle lends her time, skill, and expertise in design, user experience, and digital media to continually improve Reveal NYC’s communications using the latest tech platforms.

Outside of Reveal NYC, Michelle has worked as design team lead and art director at several tech and media companies. She currently works as the lead product designer at a tech startup.



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