A Story of Healing

Scarred. Ugly. Worthless. This is how one of our annual makeover participants used to describe her emotional and physical state two years ago. After years of living in an abusive environment, she finally found the courage to escape and seek help. She was safe within an NYC shelter, but she soon realized the road to recovery wasn’t easy.

While healing and working on finding a new home she heard about Reveal's annual makeover event for victims of domestic violence.  

“I didn’t know what to expect but once I got there,  I saw that all the women were supported - celebrated, really, and treated like queens. I got my hair and makeup done by a professional, beautiful outfits I got to take with me, and glamour pictures that I can look at once I am home - all for free! Reveal just wanted us all to feel pampered and spoiled. I almost didn’t recognize myself. I felt like Cinderella! For the first time in a long time I felt beautiful. Something I did not feel back with [my partner].”  

She is not alone. Her experience is mirrored by a myriad of others, and it is our mission to show these women their beauty, worth, and dignity. In addition to our annual makeover event, Reveal, works year round at women's shelters to provide them the resources, education, and encouragement they need to continue to be overcomers. This lady is only one of hundreds a women Reveal has helped, and it's because of your support we can continue to do so.                                           

Lana Stevens, Executive Director

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