Reveal NYC Annual Makeover Event

We had a great annual makeover event in March 2015, where we worked with more than 130 volunteers to serve close to 55 women from partner shelters and programs. During the event, the women were pampered and received fashion advice from professional stylists and makeup artists. Through partner contributions, they also went home with clothing, jewelry and beauty products from a number of donors. 1. [vimeo 104314851 w=500&h=280]

Stay tuned for more information on how you can be involved in future events. In the meantime, drop us a line at for any questions or insight!

Here's what our volunteers have said in the past:

"The clothing show where we are picking and changing outfits, and they [the hosts] are telling us what looks good. It is really good and gives us confidence." -Translation from Chinese client concerning her makeover experience "I worked with a girl from China who didn't speak too much English...I pointed to the fake eyelashes to see if she'd be interested in wearing them and she was absolutely ecstatic about it. So I went to whip out a few options for her...and an act as simple as that was enough to bring her to tears. Then she started crying all the make-up off...but we were laughing together at the same time. After she was photographed, she came back to me to show me - needless to say, she looked beautiful and happy."  -Wai Ming Siu, Volunteer Makeup Artist

"One of the ladies I worked with was so nervous. She was visibly shaking and was very quiet. I asked her how she was feeling about the day ahead and getting her make over. She looked at me, with tears in her eyes, and said she was so nervous and has never had a make over before - she's never had her hair done or her make up done or anything. She explained she hadn't slept all week because she was nervous and anxious but so, so excited about what was going to lie ahead that day. It was so humbling for me to hear that such a simple thing as getting her make up done or someone painting her nails could be so big and exciting for her. It was amazing." -Liz Allbright, Nails

"I forgot something at the end of the evening..and found myself alone with a client who had also forgotten her umbrella and was heading back upstairs...In the elevator, she was simply glowing. I said to her, "Are you happy?" and she smiled a huge smile and beamed at me. "Happy? Happy doesn't even BEGIN to describe what I am!" And she laughed. I wonder how long it had been since she had laughed like that." -Elizabeth Finkelstein, Videographer - Reveal team 2015