Join Reveal's 2016 Executive Team!

Calling all New Yorkers! We are looking for dedicated and passionate volunteers to fill the following roles for the 2016 Reveal Executive Team. Each role requires a one-year commitment. If interested, please send an email to with the completed Reveal Application, your resume, and the name of the position you are interested in the subject line. 2016 Reveal Executive Team open positions:

  • Marketing Director
  • Multimedia Manager
  • Social Media Manager
  • Fundraising Director
  • Legal Counsel

Link to Executive Team Application: Reveal Application 2016

Marketing Director

Time Commitment: 5-7 hours per week leading up to Makeover Event; 4-5 hours a month otherwise.

  • Manage and lead Marketing Team including Public Relations Manager, Graphic Design Manager, Multimedia Manager, Website Manager, and Social Media Manager
  • Ensures that all forms of communication go out in a manner consistent with organization’s mission
  • Work closely with Program Dir. – Workshops, Program Dir. – February Event, and Dir. of Fundraising
  • Create and implement one-year marketing plan according to annual goals and objectives, manages the marketing plan according to an agreed road map / delivery cycle defined at the beginning of the position term
  • Oversee production of all marketing collateral, including campaign or site updates, invitations, correspondence, visual / creative assets, etc.
  • Maintains and identifies opportunities for marketing optimizations, understands metrics and analytics data to grow recruitment, drive brand awareness and partnership opportunities
  • Edit and monitor the online blog for the website

Requirements:  Must have a background and/or experience in marketing/communications/digital advertising and excellent in verbal and written communication. Must be team-oriented, attention to details and have a network within the communications industry. Past experience in digital marketing campaigns, social media and/or nonprofit recruitment a plus.

Multimedia Manager

Time Commitment: 8-9 hours per week leading up to a video edit; Otherwise, work depends on videos and multimedia elements

  • Coordinate audio and visual needs at events, including securing and managing photographer and videographer
  • Coordinate with Social Media Manager to upload all content onto social media platforms

Requirements:  Excellent presentation skills and interpersonal skills.  Experienced photographer and/or videographer.  Preferred for candidate to have photography and/or videography equipment and/or access to it.

Social Media Manager

Time Commitment: 7 to 10 hours a month

  • Manage organization’s web presence, including Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr
  • Create list of people to follow on Twitter and manage social media influencers
  • Create, update and manage an editorial calendar
  • Work with Public Relations Manager on social media rules for Makeover Event
  • Monitor Twitter and Facebook during any Reveal events
  • Create buzz around Makeover Event
  • Advocate on behalf of Reveal’s mission

Requirements:  Must have extensive experience with social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Must be able to stay up-to-date with current events and issues relevant to Reveal.

Fundraising Director

Time Commitment: 5-10  hours a month

  • Manage and lead Fundraising Team including Partnership Manager(s)
  • Ensure that correspondence with donors is transparent
  • Work closely with Program Dir. – Workshops, Program Dir. – February Event, and Dir. of Marketing
  • Create and implement (Director approved) one-year fundraising plan
  • Create forms of fundraising solicitation

Requirements:  Excellent interpersonal skills, communicator, responsive and passionate to create strategic alignment and partnerships with potential like-minded organizations. Ability to pitch, connect people’s interests, identify relevant organizations that align with Reveal’s mission and values.  Access to a wide range of networking opportunities, experience in business development, CSR and/or sales. Nonprofit experience a plus.

Legal Counsel

Time Commitment: 0-3 hours a month

  • Assist in any legal matters/questions that arise
  • Assesses risks for the organization, prepares/reviews contracts, agreements, paperwork for any certification/process that requires legal assistance

Requirements:  Must have a law degree and actively practicing law in the United States.