Reflection: A Repeat Defender

Following last month's Valentine's Day Makeover event, we're sharing a series of firsthand-experiences. First up, from the steadfast Alexander Hong: I've been a Reveal Volunteer for the past 7 years. Whether it's been passing hors d'oeuvres, helping with set-up/tear-down or serving in the role of Security (which more often than not could have been translated to "Doorman") - every year it's been amazing to see women enter the event with hesitation and uncertainty on their faces, but then leave with huge smiles on their faces, a kick in their step and a bit of wonder in their eyes.

It's tremendously rewarding to know that, although I have zero artistic ability and am unable to contribute to the fashion aspect of Reveal, I am still able to lend support to this organization and witness the way love and generosity can transform people who have come from broken circumstances.