A volunteer's perspective: 2013 Valentine's Day Makeover Event

In 2009, I volunteered as a film editor at Reveal's Valentine's Day makeover event. It was my first experience being part of the team, and it was Reveal's third consecutive year holding the event. I showed up on the big day and everything was ready to go. This year, I was fortunate enough to see the behind-the-scenes process, rather than just the "finished product" of the actual day. So much heart and organization goes into the planning and preparation of this makeover event.

This year, the team outdid themselves collecting beautiful ensembles for the women and there were more dressing rooms, stylists and make-up artists than before. Yet, even with the expansion of sponsors, volunteers and space, the best part of the event is that the core of the day has stayed the same. Women beamed with pride as they tried on new outfits or saw their new hairdos or make-up in the mirror for the first time. I saw happy tears being shed and friends ooh-ing and aah-ing over how beautiful they each looked. I saw poses in front of the camera that radiated with confidence and fun. And I received so many grateful thank you's and smiles that day, just for being there and able to help out.

I'm so excited to see Reveal continue forward and gain traction as more and more come to see what a beautiful day of transformation this is for these women.

-Stephanie Yee Loong, Volunteer at the 2013 Makeover Event

To see more photos from our 2013 Valentine's Day Makeover Event, please visit our facebook page.