What can be done?

NEW YORK – Sept. 30, 2012 1 in 4 women living in the United States will experience domestic violence (DV) at least once in her lifetime, according to a Center for Disease Control behavioral risk factor surveillance system survey in 2005.

This heart wrenching fact is mitigated by the women who leave DV situations. This includes women living in Reveal’s partner nonprofit shelters – Safe HorizonRestore NYCNew York Asian Women’s Center, and Korean American Family Service Center.

The women’s circumstance, coupled with their perceptions, makes it hard for many to see themselves as beautiful and dignified people.  One of my favorite aspects of Reveal is that we provide non-duplicative services that facilitate a life transformation – and we do it in a professional and compassionate way.  Reveal’s vision, to “celebrate beauty and dignity” of the women we serve, allows for professionals in all sectors to contribute.

Now, what can we do to help?  Reveal has outlined a number of volunteer positions and programs that its partners have affirmed, and the women we serve have testified to making a difference.  Building off the momentum of last year, we encourage you to share Reveal with your friends and apply for a position.  (Our 2012-13 team starts in October!)  Our vision is to see the women’s full potential to be reached, and it is only through your participation that we can have the greatest impact!

Want to get involved? E-mail info@revealnyc.org

-Kendra Chao, Reveal 2011-2012 President