After makeup day: a testimony

Reveal Makeover Event 2012 Client testimony provided by Korean American Family Service Center

Putting makeup on and trying on dresses is a luxury to me. I don’t have anyone to please and I don’t have the time and money to do that.

Everyone was waiting for us. It was so foreign to me to see the makeup station, hair station, and different types of dresses and shoes waiting for us. I felt like I was at a fine beauty salon as I had a cup of coffee that was offered to me. I went to the makeup station and they applied it on me with such great care. Have I ever tried to make myself look pretty like this before? I tried to recall whether I had ever heard from anyone that my face, my clothes, my hair looked beautiful. As I was thinking about these things, I felt so touched.

I had only been hearing from people that I must have a difficult personality to become a single mom and that I must have not done a good job as a wife to be beaten by my husband. I had been feeling insecure about having to live in a foreign culture as if I was walking on thin ice. The fact that I can be respected and cherished and that everything was prepared for me made me feel almost awkward and even sad.

Contrary to how intimidated I was when I walked into the place, I found myself walking confidently out the door. I know that the service they offered today was not in vain! Realizing how confident and happy I was at that moment, I knew I would be looking into the mirror more often from that day on. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank NY Counseling Center and Reveal for giving me such a great opportunity.

(Translation from Korean provided by Eun Jeong Jun)