Relaunch Phase 1

Notice something new?

That's because we have recently gone through phase 1 of Reveal's website relaunch. We hope that this space can be better used towards our advocacy and fundraising projects, and we want you - the reader - to be better able to find what you need to get involved in the vision.

What's special about Phase 1 you ask?

We've created a special e-mail sign up list that will get your contact information down to receive the most up to date news from Reveal. To sign up, put your e-mail into the sign up box, fill in the rest of your information and click "join". If you're already receiving Reveal news, sign up anyway so we can ensure you get all our quarterly newsletter going forward. We'll worry about the redundancy on our end.

What will happen in Phase 2?

Phase 2 will include the launch of a new blog from volunteers and experts in the field. They will include news items, editorials, opinions and reflections. As well, we're going to make the pages more streamlined and include better information about Reveal's Board and Board of Directors.

But I want to know now!

It's coming very soon, so stay tuned!