A day of make up, a new wardrobe, new experiences and new friends Here at Reveal, we are getting very excited about a host of new changes that will take place in the coming months. Of course, in only 2 weeks, we're anticipating our 5th Annual Valentine's Day Makeover. This year, we have a whole new set of sponsors - and some dedicated and valued previous sponsors - that will help us out in the makeover extravaganza. This includes makeup and beauty stylists that will serve some 60 women from shelters in the New York City area. We're also anticipating and still looking for some 100 volunteers to help us out with set up, tear down and other roles to make this event a success.

Beyond that, we're looking forward to revamping our logo. The logo launch should be sometime next week, and though we love our old logo, we want something that better reflects our new vision and mission statement now.

With that logo, of course, that must mean an upgrade to our website. We've got a wonderful new website developer who will make this hub a little easier to use. We want to make sure you have the right information and stay up to date on what's going on at Reveal.

With a number of new monthly workshops planned, a new Board of Directors for 2012 and a lot of excitement, we hope you'll stay tuned!

-Reveal Marketing Team

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